Bankers & Workout Officers

Commercial Bankers are a key partner for Kaldes Financial. Not only do we refer lending opportunities to bankers, but we receive many of our business leads from bankers, for two primary reasons. First, if you as a banker have to turn down a difficult credit request, there are still ways to keep the banking while helping the company find a lender. Additionally, if a customer’s loan is downgraded and needs to find a new lender, Kaldes can help. Make the introduction to Kaldes Financial, and we will do the rest.

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Turnaround Professionals

If you’re a turnaround professional, a receiver or a CRO, you have enough on your plate when engaged with a client. Navigating a client and its management through difficult times is tough enough without having to double as an investment banker. Let Kaldes help. Our fees are earned on the back end, so we can help lift the heavy burden of finding liquidity sources while you focus on financial performance without further liquidity disruption. Call us for a free assessment.


If you’re a restructuring attorney, a bankruptcy attorney or if you have clients that are just looking to replace their current lender for any reason, you’re focused on the client’s legal needs. Give us a call and let us run with the refinancing project. We don’t charge a success fee until we have a successful outcome, so we bear the risk.

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In the course of your relationship with a commercial enterprise, whether you’re on the Audit, Tax or Advisory side of things, there will be times when your client will express an interest, or a need, to find liquidity, leverage up their balance sheet, or refinance an existing borrowing relationship. Let us help. Since you understand the inner workings and financial performance of the client, we can do the legwork based on your input. This can be a great relationship enhancement.

Referral Appreciation Program

At Kaldes Financial, we show our appreciation for referrals in a meaningful way – we share the upside with the referring party! Call us to discuss this program, how it works, and what it can mean for you.

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