Why Use Kaldes?


At Kaldes Financial, our goal is simple: To get your company the most ideal financing available in the marketplace by being small, fluid and agile. By the time you engage us, we are well on our way to finding you a lender. We don’t have large overhead or long bureaucratic processes to get your request up and running – we get right to it. Before we take an engagement, we take the time to do a free preliminary assessment. This includes lining up potential lenders to generate interest in the financing opportunity. We then focus on potential lenders with the lowest-cost, best terms, and best cultural fit for your unique business.

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Our edge involves our proprietary database of hundreds of lenders, classified by specialty, industry focus and situational capabilities, among other criteria. This helps us focus on the best lenders for your particular situation. Our database includes banks, non-banks, and specialty lenders of every kind. We always bring a number of potential candidates to the table, so often lenders will actually compete for your business. Once we have generated a competitive landscape, we work with you to discuss the various options and come to a consensus together on which direction is best for your company.


Most debt placement brokers simply pass along company and financial information to the marketplace without examining it the way a lender would. That can lead to problems which, inevitably, leads to declines. We offer value-added services to filter, re-present, re-format or summarize when needed, in order to present information in a way that is “lender-friendly”. You can put several decades of commercial lending experience to work for you at minimal cost, greatly enhancing your chances of finding the right financing partner for you. The best part is that any such cost will be 100% credited back to you upon the successful closing of your financing.

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We believe in open communication with all parties. We keep you well-informed of progress being made and of feedback we are receiving from the lending marketplace. The quality of your relationship with us, and ultimately with the lender you choose, is dependent upon this communication style. We keep our doors and minds open throughout the process so you can rest easy knowing we have your financing needs at the forefront of what we do every day.